food photography + prop styling workshop

Wow. March and April have been so busy and I totally neglected updating the blog. There are several posts waiting, dying to be finished, but I haven't been able to sit down and thoughtfully execute them. In the past few weeks I went to Seattle, moved to a new flat (more on that later), helped plan an event, worked, worked some more, and now am packing for more travel!

I want to share with you my experience at the food photography + prop styling workshop I attended a few weeks ago at Aran Goyoaga's studio in Seattle. Aran of cannelle et vanille and Chelsea Fuss of frolic! blog instructed about sixteen eager photographers and stylists with their tips, styles, and go-to tools. I learned so much more from this day long workshop than I ever imagined possible! I now understand how to utilize linens, backdrops, and style in an 'S' formation with 3 props, or 5 props. Seriously. It was fantastic. Plus, Seattle... my favorite city.


In the studio, huge windows poured in natural light (even for a cloudy Seattle day); lots of bowls and platters with food and snacks of all colors filled a large kitchen island. We grabbed what we wanted from the table, styled the food on platters/bowls/plates we chose from the enormous collection of the two hostess's and just went for it! One of the gals in the workshop put together the raspberries above, and I took that photograph. The backdrop a simple slab of steel with rusted corners and tons of character. Just like every prop in the studio had - TONS of character. I was in heaven.

Before the workshop, I always put a lot of thought into my photographs and the plating, using linens and unique utensils. Never had I really looked at the external elements such as backdrops, or surrounding elements like glasses and vases. They do make a difference and bring the photograph to life, making the image seem "lived-in." I will never look or take another photo the same again.

The photographs below were taken by me and I styled (unless otherwise noted) the food/drink/condiments/etc. It was so much fun to style. I honestly never considered the profession of prop styling before the workshop. I loved it too much not to continue doing it for my blog and maybe even for future jobs. Ah, who knows! I had such a blast. There are so many categories of prop styling from interior design to food and wardrobe, too. The possibilities are endless.




[5] Photographed by me, not styled by me



I'm such a sucker for easygoing, mellow tunes. The new Real Estate album - so good. And, Mac DeMarco - who would have thought I'd love his music as much as I do. But, seriously... Salad Days rules. Definitely check out both - worth the time and the listen.

Also: If you want to, or you could please tell me which photograph is your favorite in the comments. I have numbered them for convenience. It would be such a huge help.

Now when you look at a photograph in a cookbook, blog, or magazine think about all of the styling that went into that shot. It really is nuts.

All food and props used in these photographs were courtesy of the food photography + prop styling workshop, Aran Goyoaga, and Chelsea Fuss.