weekly wednesday - strolling through chinatown


My second photography class with the Harvey Milk Photo Center takes place this week, and I chose to shoot in Chinatown for my assignment. I won't go into detail about the assignment, but I will say how beautiful Chinatown in San Francisco is.

I have only ever ventured down that way a handful of times, mostly to show visiting friends around before we make our way to the notorious City Lights bookstore in North Beach. Simply meandering through the streets gawking at the little gadgets and thing-a-ma-jigs, and passing by the markets looking at crates upon crates of asian produce, you almost forget to look above or between. Red lanterns filled the streets block by block, swaying in the wind. Most of the light bulbs were dull, but I managed to find this lovely lit strand hanging between fire escapes.

After I aimlessly wandered the streets, I stopped in to meet my cousin at House of Nanking. Apparently on a busy night a line will wait from the door and down the sidewalk as the bustling restaurant packs in the hungry and spits 'em out in record time. The food was great: traditional Chinese with an americanized spin on some dishes. I highly suggest the eggplant if you ever make it that way...