Hi, my name is Emily. I really like cooking, eating, and everything in between. My passion for food surfaced just a few years ago while I moved around the Pacific Coast before landing home to Boston.

I studied all sorts of things at my liberal arts college, mostly writing and literature. In between reading and socializing, I worked at several restaurants: first a pizza-topping prepper, then a hostess, and finally a server. I witnessed the ins-and-outs of kitchens of all sizes. My fellow restaurant pals and I ate tons of food from all corners of the city - platters of shrimp cocktail, late night slices, charcuterie, Spike's hot dogs, tacos from Lone Star, orange wine, and so on. It was seriously like a cult, sacrificing sleep after a double shift to become engorged with gourmet grilled cheese or whatever they were serving at Deep Ellum. (see: favorite places ever)

Anyway, this is where it all started - my obsession with food. I wanted, I needed to try what my mouth never tasted, what my mind never heard of. (Bone marrow on a flatbread anyone?) And then I thought, wait, can I make these things? So, I taught myself how to cook. The summer after graduation I moved to Seattle for a few months. It was a spawn of the moment decision that I will always remember and thank (for once!) my impulsive tendencies for. I lived a mere ten minute walk from Pike Place Market downtown which is home to some of the most extraordinary farm stands, boutiques, and specialty pop-ups. I spent hours on end, week after week, mesmerized by the produce, the tourists, and the vendors. Seattle summers are b-e-a-uuutiful, and that short time opened up my taste buds and eyes unlike any other experience. I tempted new techniques in the kitchen (e.g., searing scallops, frying salmon, rising pizza dough). Some were executed perfectly, while others were big defeats. Nonetheless, I learned so much, like what foods do not pair well together and how diverse a salad can be.

At the end of the summer I moved to San Francisco, then Oakland, and migrated throughout the neighborhoods of the Bay Area. And here I am, back in my Bay State where I belong.

So there it is: me in a somewhat small nutshell.


Me, near the Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, CA 2013

Golden Gate bridge from Lands End, San Francisco, CA, 2013

Flowers, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA, 2012